Releases - 2003: "Lust For Live" (DVD)

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Lust For Live (DVD)

"Lust For Live" (DVD):

Release Date: 03.02.2003

Recorded live at: Docks, Hamburg, September 25th 1993
Cover-Illustration: Kai Karczewski
Graphic Design: Debbie de Villiers

Running Time: 55:00


01. Opening Titles
02. Tribute To The Past
03. No Return
04. Band Interview No. 1
05. Changes
06. Insanity And Genius
07. Band Interview No. 2
08. Last Before The Storm
09. Heal Me
10. Band recording "Insanity & Genius"
11. Medley:
  • I Want out
  • Future World
  • Ride The Sky
12. Future Madhouse
13. Band backstage
14. "The Cave Principle"
15. Band Interview No. 3
16. End Credits (Gamma Ray)
Introduction and track-by-track audio review from journalist Malcolm Dome
Title (DVD 1):
Music by:
Lyrics by:


Kai Hansen
Ralf Scheepers
Dirk Schlächter
Jan Rubach
Thomas Nack

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