Releases - 1997: "Valley Of The Kings"

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Valley Of The Kings

"Valley Of The Kings":

Released: 21st May 1997

Produced by:  Kai Hansen & Dirk Schlächter (Tracks 1,2,4)
Piet Sielck & Kai Hansen (Track 3)
Recorded at: Hansen Studio Hamburg (Tracks 1,2,4),
Powerhouse & Hansen Studio (Track 3)
Mixed at: Hansen Studio Hamburg

Length: 21:58


1. Valley Of The Kings (Hansen / Hansen)
2. Somewhere Out In Space (Hansen / Hansen)
3. Watcher In The Sky (Sielck, Hansen / Sielck, Hansen)
4. Victim Of Changes (Downing, Halford, Tipton, Atkins)


Kai Hansen: Vocal, Guitar
Henjo Richter: Guitar
Dirk Schlächter: Bass
Daniel Zimmermann: Drums

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