Releases - 2010: "Alright! 20 Years In Universe"

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Alright! 20 Years In Universe

"Alright! 20 Years In Universe":



01. Welcome
02. Lust For Life
03. Man On A Mission
04. Tribute To The Past
05. Rich And Famous
06. Valley Of The Kings
07. From The Ashes
08. Heavy Metal Universe
09. Rise
10. Last Before The Storm
11. Land Of The Free
12. Beyond The Black Hole
13. The Silence
14. Somewhere Out In Space
15. Send Me A Sign
16. Heaven Can Wait
01. Space Eater
02. One With The World
03. Gamma Ray
05. Rebellion In Dreamland
06. Send Me A Sign
07. Into The Storm


Kai Hansen: Vocal, Guitar
Henjo Richter: Guitar
Dirk Schlächter: Bass
Daniel Zimmermann: Drums

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