Statement confusion

Written by Kai Hansen on .

Dear All,

in our latest statement regarding our DVD release we have probably evoked the impression that it's Sanctuary's sole fault that the DVD has not been released yet. This is not correct.

The original plan was to release it in September, which Sanctuary could not hold, because the whole postproduction process took the band and the Videocompany longer than we expected. This was due to the Bands live activities and other factors that you could sum up as: we were too slow on everything.... Now that we are ready to finalise the master, we have to face the fact that the Berlin Office of Sanctuary, which has always done a good job for us, will be closed. So, as mentioned in our previous Statement, we now have to check out how the DVD will be released and promoted and make a new plan. We are sorry for having caused confusion with our latest Statement and if anyone wants to put the blame on someone for not having 'Hellyeah...' in their DVD player by now, put it on us.... Anyhow it's gonna come and we'll surely keep you updated.

Thank you and Metal Cheerzzz from Da Rrrayzzzz

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