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Hi Rayniacs,

after leaving you alone several weeks without any news about our DVD project we can now proudly say that the production is completely finished so that now it would be the record company's turn to bring it in the stores asap. But (unfortunately there's always a but) we were informed last week that the Sanctuary office in Berlin will be closed by the end of this year which makes it impossible to release the DVD shortly . As next we have to find a solution with the Sanctuary office in the UK which is now responsible for the release timing and if we consider all the promotional machinery which starts working in front of a release we expect that the release has to be postponed to spring 2007.

Nevertheless we continue in parallel with the songwriting and the recording of the first demos for the next album "Land Of The Free II" so that we are hopefully be able to bring two new releases in stores during next year.

I know these are sad news for all of you who have waited since month for the release and expected to watch the DVD at the latest under the x-mas tree. But you can be sure that we're also very disappointed with the actual situation and work hard on a solution for the release. As soon as the situation is clarified we will be back with more news.

Thanks for your patience and keep your heads up high!

Cheeerzzz from da Rayzzzz

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