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At last! Gamma Ray has finally got around to giving us something incredible to watch: after this year?s US tour the boys from Hamburg decided it was high time for a proper double DVD. It simply isn't enough to excel on stage. No, the boys wanted to dazzle the fans, amuse them and update them with interesting news tit bits.

Totally unfazed by the omnipresent football world cup and the prevailing hot summer weather, this active quartet viewed hours of movie footage. Now they are nearly finished with their brand new visual masterpiece with the, erm, slightly different title: "Hell Yeah!!! The Awesome Foursome (and the Finnish keyboarder who didn't want to wear his Donald Duck costume) Live In Montreal"

Next to a magical performance on 6th May in Medley, Montral/Canada, there's tons of great behind-the-scenes footage, courtesy of camera man Markus Kreuz, who accompanied the band at all times. The band allowed the camera to run 24/7, resulting in a plethora of impressions, ranging from country and people, to profound comments by the Nightliner-bus driver. This is truly a great road movie with and unusually intimate insight into the life of a band on the road, the tour bus, and pretty much everything else. The highs and lows, the goofy and the profound, shopping, immigration troubles, missed flights, the works' uncut and raw, and Gamma Ray are proud of it - and rightly so!

There is ample of additional material on the bonus DVD, with a big historical part, with live footage of gigs of yesteryear and backstage material from Japan and the Wacken Open Air. Last but definitely not least, there is the entire collection of the band's video-clips to be found on there. Great stuff!

Singer and guitarist Kai Hansen says:
"We have been thinking about doing a live DVD for a long time now. We simply owed it to all the loyal fans out there who have supported us for all these years. But we always lacked the time to actually execute a project of such a big dimension. Well, here you go! This is a DVD to our taste, versatile and interesting with a live-overview of Gamma Ray through the ages, while the main focus is on the albums that were produced with the current band line-up that has existed since 1998. The road movie speaks for itself, and all the great extras are also a great souvenir for us as a band to remind us of the great times so far."

So, all's well that ends well. After all the hard work of the last weeks and months, this audio visual milestone is close to completion. Here is a little taster to give you a little insight into what's yet to come.


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